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Dress up your patio or outdoor with beautiful evergreen bushes perfect pertaining to winter containers. The main element in order to fabulous winter containers will be evergreen leaves, but evergreen noesn’t need to mean just green. Appear for variegated varieties associated with your favorite bushes for additional interest or choose plant life with golden or crimson foliage. Winter season blooms are a reward. Here are usually shrubs that will create your winter containers charm. Be sure to check out the particular winter pot tips below to steer your selection.

Winter Pot Tips

When choosing shrubs pertaining to winter storage containers it is very important think about cold hardiness. Because the roots are certainly not protected beneath the ground, plants in containers are not able to withstand the same cold temperatures they could if grown in the ground. To are the reason for this difference, choose plants that are hardy to temps two hardiness zones cooler than nearby conditions. For example , if you live in UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE hardiness area 8, a person will wish to use plants which are hardy to zone 6 in your containers. The ratings listed above are adjusted appropriately. Experienced landscapers often determine warmer niches in the garden where container plant life could be developed beyond this particular range.

Southern Residing Plant Collection

Most of the vegetation listed below are classic and can require occasional watering throughout the wintertime. Watering plant life before a good expected freeze out can help reasonable temperatures in the pot. Be sure to use frost-proof storage containers such because those made of metal, stone, or even fiberglass. Glazed pottery can stand upward to winter season temperatures much better than terracotta pots, which are vulnerable to breaking.

The USDA hardiness zones shown in this article are adjusted intended for overwintering plants in outdoor containers.

Burning Love™ Leucothoe

Southern Living Plant Collection

Leucothoe keiskei ‘Opstal 50’

This particular compact leucothoe , increasing just 2½ feet tall and wide, is ideal for containers. It grows in color, making it a good excellent selection for covered porches plus patios. The particular colder weeks are when this indigenous beauty lights. Green summer season foliage assumes red and purple hues in drop that bring until springtime. Best appropriate for containers in USDA hardiness specific zones 7 – 10*.

Highlights™ Arborvitae

Southern Residing Plant Selection

Thuja occidentalis ‘Janed Gold’

A outstanding collection of arborvitae with yellow-gold foliage most year long, Highlights™ arborvitae brings vibrant color in order to winter storage containers. As being a reward, plants flourish within the southern part of summer warmth without burning. Give this particular beauty plenty of sunshine and drinking water regularly. Grow in wintertime containers within USDA hardiness zones 7 – almost eight.

Blush Pink™ Nandina

Southern Living Plant Selection

Nandina domestica ‘AKA’

If you are searching for a nandina along with phenomenal winter season color, appearance no additional than Rose Pink™ nandina . Summer season foliage is light green tinged along with blush red hues, but autumn actually brings out there the colour. Plants turn completely red within fall plus the colour only intensifies through winter. This compact nandina expands just two feet high by 1½ to 2 feet broad, perfect designed for winter storage containers in USDA zones 8 – ten.

Jazz Hands® Dwarf Pink Fringe Flower

The Home Depot

Loropetalum chinense ‘Kurenai’

Offering rich purple foliage many year, this compact loropetalum adds plenty of pizzazz to winter containers. The foliage contrasts beautifully with golden hues when planted in mixed storage containers. Spring provides hot red flowers and cranberry-hued brand new growth. This selection is only suited in order to winter containers in hotter parts of the South, areas 9 and above, yet is nicely worth mentioning for the fabulous foliage.

Night Light® Hinoki Cypress

Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Conschlecht’

Pot up a ball associated with sunshine to ignite the particular winter scenery with Evening Light® hinoki cypress . This shrub is to get the more uncovered containers within the garden. Plants endure full sun and wintertime winds. Branch tips assumes bronze colors as temperature ranges dip, causing interior leaves a charteuse green. The particular dense mounding habit creates adorable storage containers in zones 7 – 8.

‘Little Heath’ Pieris

Pieris japonica ‘Little Heath’

A graceful variety associated with pieris, ‘Little Heath’ offers luxuriant heavy green leaves edged within white. Pieris plants type flower pals in summer time as well as the pearl-like buds suspend in clusters all winter long until opening in spring. Container-grown pieris need a sheltered location within winter far from drying blowing wind, such as against the house, under a protected patio, or even within an enclosed courtyard. Offer dappled color and pay attention in order to water requirements in winter season. Pieris can grow within winter storage containers in zones 7 – 9.

Fall months Princess® Encore Azalea


Rhododendron crossbreed ‘Roblea’

All Encore® Azaleas are usually evergreen, yet some types go over and above just green, with multi-colored winter foliage in colors of magenta, bronze, plus red. Fall months Princess® turns a lovely dark red shade, providing winter colour to competitor its ruffled pink blooms. A dwarf variety perfect for container life, Autumn Princess® azalea matures in order to 3½ feet tall simply by 3 feet wide. Ideal for containers in specific zones 7 – 9.

Golden Dream Boxwood

Lots of Plants

Buxus microphylla ‘Peergold’

Boxwoods are a staple in the winter garden, delivering structure and color almost all year. This particular variegated variety brings comfy golden hues to lighten up winter times. Plants grow slowly to some mature size of 2 feet high and wide, forming the dense pile of eco-friendly and precious metal foliage. Boxwoods tolerate a range of sun exposures, making all of them simple to use in containers. Golden Dream boxwood thrives in winter containers in UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE hardiness areas 8 – 9.

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